Keeping Ballet in Bloom
Year End Fund Drive

Our Goal is to raise $30,000
Please Support Festival Ballet in our second half of a century!

Santa Barbara Festival Ballet is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Tax ID # 23-7429689

Art is transformative, and for more than 50 years we’ve seen the evidence.
In the 51 year history of Santa Barbara Festival Ballet’s dance conservatory in this community, literally thousands of area youth from all walks of life have come through SBFB. Yes, as a matter of record, many SBFB students have gone on to matriculate into the realm of professional dance. But apart from those SBFB students who went on to pursue dance as a vocation, Festival Ballet students uniformly leave the conservatory with a robust and applicable grasp of their potential, and the sure knowledge that limits are theirs to define. This isn’t just talk. We’ve made it happen, student by student, for two generations.

SBFB’s flagship public performance, Nutcracker at the Arlington, has likewise seen thousands of participants of all ages dance under the proscenium of our town’s venerable Arlington Theater, partake of Tchaikovsky’s magic, and find in themselves the means to reach higher. Generations of Santa Barbarans count the Nutcracker as a formative experience in their lives.

For all that, Santa Barbara Festival Ballet is a non-profit whose earnings and donations are plowed back into the mission of teaching and reaching. We owe our existence to the generations of excited and dedicated volunteers, and to the gracious funding from those individuals and institutions who share our mission of integrating Santa Barbara’s twin powerhouses; Art and Community. Your support of Festival Ballet during our year-end fund drive ensures the continuation of SBFB, a proven incubator of Santa Barbara talent and drive and achievement. Every gift is essential and raises the ceiling on the potential of our students, both present and future.

Your gift supports:

Scholarships for families in need
Capital campaign for our building fund
Support for our new junior company
SBFB participation in Regional Dance America

Thank you so much!